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About Us

Purpose: The East Norwalk Business Association (“ENBA”) was formed in September 2004 to promote the East Norwalk community as an attractive place to do business and to advocate for the East Norwalk businesses.

For its purposes, ENBA defines East Norwalk in historically used geographical area as North to I-95, East to the Westport town line, South to Long Island Sound and West to the Norwalk River.



Officers and a Board of Directors consisting of representatives from 9 East Norwalk community based business assumed the initial task of organizing and structuring the group at the first board meeting in November 2004.


Current Officers:

President: Winthrop E. Baum
East Norwalk Business Association
25 Van Zant Street

(203) 854-5722

Vice President: Robert Kunkel
Harbor Harvest
7 Cove Ave
(203) 939-9289

Recording Secretary: Skye Riss
Greyskye LLC
194 East Avenue
(203) 866-3722

Treasurer: James Anderson
Just Like Home Property Management
(203) 858-4752

Membership Secretary: Judith Dominguez
East Norwalk Business Association
25 Van Zant Street
(203) 854-5722


Board Members:
Rick Tavella, Rick’s Main Roofing (203) 838-5858

David Riss, Greyskye Marketing Consultants LLC (203) 762-7800
Ernest Marsan, Harbor Harvest (203) 939-9289
Chris Condor, Condor Press (203) 852-8181
Luis Solis, Don Carmelo’s (203) 957-3000
Michael Jordan, REO Appliances (203) 838-7925